The 8th International Conference on Multimodality 2016

We’re happy to announce that SAME will be hosting the 8th International Conference on Multimodality (8ICOM) in Cape Town, South Africa. For details of the conference, please visit:


We invite you to submit an abstract for presentation which focuses on the following theme: Multimodality Landscape: Designing, changing, shaping.

We envisage a broad interpretation of the theme ‘Multimodal Landscapes’ with sub themes divided into research, pedagogy and practice. The conference welcomes interdisciplinary papers that consider a multimodal approach towards the research areas identified below. The list, however, is not intended to be limiting.
– Communication and identity
– Technology and digital access
– Teaching, learning and assessment
– Change and transformation
– Signs and signage in space and place
– Framing and frameworks
– Materiality and artefacts
– Online abstract submission will open soon.

For details on how to submit an abstract, please visit:

Abstract Deadline: April 16th, 2016.