Amiena Peck

Amiena Profile

Dr Amiena Peck is a linguistics lecturer at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Most-aptly described as a sociocultural linguistic-semiotician, she is working on extending an approach to linguistic landscape studies to include the virtual space or virtual linguistic landscape, particularly through an engagement with semiotics, bodies and multimodality.  She has published book chapters and articles on linguistic landscapes, transnational migration and institutional transformation. She heads up a virtual ‘think tank’ (Virt.url X-scape) with selected postgraduates at students and is developing a Goffmanian framework within which to explore the emergence of ‘face’ in the virtual linguistic landscape as well as the ontological implications for the virtual linguistic ethnographer.


Introduction to Language and Communication (First Year)

Language, Identity and Society (Second Year)

Advanced Business Communication (Honours)

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