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Nicola submitted her PhD through the Centre for Film and Media Studies (UCT) in April 2013, under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr. Marion Walton and co-supervision of Professor Mastin Prinsloo. She also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Studies in 2014. She also holds a BA in Film and Media Production (specialising in Interactive Multimedia) and achieved distinctions in Honours in English Literature in 2006 and Masters in Media Studies in 2008. Her Masters focused on the use of educational software at a disadvantaged primary school, where access to such resources were both scarce and new. She has assisted on various technology-related research projects such as the Shuttleworth Foundation’s ‘Mobiles for Literacy’ project where she worked as a research assistant (2009-2010) and was one of the researchers involved in UCT’s laptop initiative (started in 2013). Nicola’s PhD investigated middle-class children’s digital gaming and performance of gender identities in two after-school settings in Cape Town. Dr Nicola Pallitt currently works as a lecturer in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at UCT where she co-teaches on the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology and convenes and facilitates a free fully online course ‘Facilitating Online’ as part of her work on the e/merge Africa project, a professional development network for educational technology researchers and practitioners in African Higher Education. The project is run through the CILT and is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.



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