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Terri Grant is an associate professor and head of the Professional Communication Unit in the School of Management Studies at UCT. She has a PhD in commerce education. Her dissertation, Scenario Pedagogy, a negotiated, multimodal approach to developing professional communication practices in higher education, combined her multiple interests in professional communication, higher education, curriculum design, experiential pedagogies and multimodality. She has authored numerous articles and conference papers and the 3rd edition of her co-authored textbook, Communicating @ work ā€“ boosting your spoken, written and visual impact, is due out in mid-2014 (Van Schaik publishers). She teaches across various UCT faculties and other tertiary institutions and consults regularly in business, industry and government. She is busy working on a new postgraduate diploma in management communication to be piloted in 2016 as well as hosting an international Association for Business Communication conference, the first of its kind in Africa, in January 2016.

Email: Terri.Grant@uct.ac.za


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