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Natashia Muna is the coordinator of the FHS Writing Lab; a faculty-based writing centre that provides academic literacy support, teaching and capacity development for staff and students in Health Sciences. The Writing Lab offers one-on-one consultations, customised workshops and develops educational resources on a wide variety of issues relating to academic communication.

Natashia’s research interests lie broadly within the multimodal literacy practices of scientific disciplines and how the teaching and learning of these literacy practices impacts upon student access and success within Higher Education. Currently she is part of two long terms projects; The Integrated Literacies for Learning in Science (ILLS) project and The Patient Partner Project (PPP), which is part of the Caring Society Consortium 3.0. The ILLS project, which has been running since 2014, has focused on understanding the literacy practices of science that are critical to student success, how acquisition of these practices is supported within the curriculum and the challenges that students experience in mastering them. Visual literacy within scientific disciplines has emerged as a strong theme within this project. The PPP, which began in 2016, is focussed on how patients, who are considered ‘experts by experience’, can play a significant role in shaping the medical curriculum and teaching students about patient-centred medical care.

Natashia has a science background, with a BSc from UCT and an BSc Honours degree from Stellenbosch University in Zoology and Biodiversity. She completed her MSc in 2008 and her PhD in 2014, both at UCT, in Molecular and Cell Biology, with a focus on Population Genetics. During her PhD she worked as a student consultant at the UCT Writing Centre for three years and it was there that she discovered her passion for working with the languages of Science.

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