Anti-trolling graphics to end abusive conversations – how to whack-a-troll

Travis Noakes presented a thought-provoking seminar at a recent SAME meeting in Cape Town. The presentation presented the background to online trolling, concluding with the possibility of effective strategies to end abusive conversations on internet platforms. Here is an article summarising the presentation, written by Noakes: As a teacher of visual design, I believe there... Continue Reading →


Developing a framework for ‘spatial texts’ – writing with space

A multimodal approach to meaning-making argues that we do not only make make meaning through language, but often through the interaction of various modes. This means that it often becomes possible to ‘write’ using modes other than ‘alphabetical text’. We can communicate a range of meanings through gesture (a nod signifying ‘agreement’), music (consonance signifying... Continue Reading →

Greetings from sunny… Denmark?

The 9th International Conference on Multimodality (9ICOM) proved to be as stimulating and challenging as usual. It was held in a surprisingly warm Odense at the University of Southern Denmark. Apart from conference goers being able to visit the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen, the event also coincided with the viking and tutor-inspired town's... Continue Reading →

9ICOM Conference in Odense, Denmark

A few of the SAME members will be attending the 9th International Conference on Multimodality (9ICOM), from 15 to 17 August 2018. The conference is intended to move the theory of multimodality forward and includes plenary speakers integral to its development, such as Gunther Kress, Theo van Leeuwen, Louise Ravelli, Anna-Malin Karlsson, Robert Hodge and... Continue Reading →

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